Sustainable Japan Project (SJP)

The changes we’ve experienced over the past few years have shaken the foundations of what we’ve taken for granted and existing common values. Various social issues around the world have become more complex, going beyond the boundaries of micro units, bringing about major changes in people’s awareness and new values. In such a big swell of our times, “sustainability”, which looks very much ahead and focusing on “our world 100 years from now”, has become a keyword and has become a new common sense around the world. We, the members of the “Sustainable Japan Project (SJP)”, work toward achievement of and realization of a sustainable society of coexistence, which in our mind is the beginning of a new era, and connect Japan and the rest of the world in all sustainable areas for the generations to follow.

Our Story

In 2020, the Host Town Initiative by the Cabinet Office called for the host town municipalities throughout Japan to engage in international exchange activities, build strong relationships with the athletes’ home countries, and strengthen international cooperation through sports. In response, Host-town Advisors with various professional expertise gathered, brought together their respective strengths, and started working on the issues Host-town municipalities faced by offering more comprehensive support with holistic approach. The SJP team continuously works on projects that aim to connect the dots of these global events, such as the Olympics/Paralympics and the World Expos, in order to develop them as not only a forum for cultural exchange but also for economic and social engagements.


Our Services

Plan and propose various collaboration activities at global events, such as Olympics/Paralympics and International Expos

Support to create environmental businesses to build an economically viable circular society

Provide support for regional revitalization planning across Japan, and for international/inter-regional exchanges

Provide communication support and make proposal related to developing mid-to-long term (economic, social and environmental) relationship with overseas

Design and create communication tools (multilingual support available)

Provide support for planning and management of webinars, seminars, events related to sustainability and regenerative issues (multilingual support available)

Conduct various surveys and feasibility studies based on all fields and themes

Create, execute and manage cooperation programs based on horizontal collaboration among various sectors (public, private, academia, local community, all stakeholders)

Sustainable Japan Project members will utilize their diverse and advanced specializations, and their wide-ranging domestic as well as global networks with government agencies, private groups, and other organizations and stakeholders, in order to holistically support the creation of sustainability projects.