Tokyo 2020 Olympics

We planned and operated online joint support and exchange meetings.

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Andrew Crosby, Founder of 3rd Horizon Earth

Our 4th guest was Mr. Andrew Crosby from 3rd Horizon Earth. Aiming for a "Regenerative World" that goes beyond the realm of sustainability, Mr. Crosby promotes innovative activities that are difficult to be dealt with by existing mechanisms (i.e., within the framework of existing social, finance, and judicial structures). Mr. Crosby also shared that, since there is no existing market for many of these innovative activities, they may face difficulties until a smooth flow of economic circulation is created. He also talked about what each of us can do, in terms of our consciousness and actions, in order to materialize a "Regenerative World" that goes beyond the realm of sustainability.



Jacquiline Pimer, Trade Expert at African Trade Policy Center, Part of the UN Economic Commission for Africa

Our 3rd guest was Jacquiline Pimer, Trade Expert at African Trade Policy Center, Part of the UN Economic Commission for Africa. Ms. Pimer travels across African countries, conducts hearings on issues related to their legal system,, infrastructure, and SME finance, etc. and provides advice from a strategic perspective. Ms. Pimer touched upon various issues facing African countries, especially ones associated with the production and export of "primary commodities without added value," the impact of climate change due to global warming on agriculture, human rights issues, and peace and security issues.



Joachim Monkelbaan, Climate Trade Lead, World Economic Forum

Our 2nd guest was Joachim Monkelbaan from the World Economic Forum, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Monkelbaan shared his thoughts on the impact some of the existing policies may have on 1) sustainable trade, investment and people flow, 2) relationship between countries and 3) our lives in the future. We humans are emotional creatures, but we are also rational creatures. Mr. Monkelbaan's message left a strong impression that, instead of being pessimistic about our future, humankind will be required to build cooperative relationships based on "trust" while respecting each other.



Mark Ritchie, President of Global Minnesota

Our 1st guest was a former Secretary of State of Minnesota, Mark Ritchie, who is leading the effort for Minnesota USA Expo 2027, an international exposition scheduled to be held after the 2025 Osaka Expo (SDGs Expo). Mr. Ritchie talked about "what we can do now for our Planet, where the next generation will live" using many keywords.