Sustainable Japan Project Members

The members of the Sustainable Japan Project comprise of advisors and consultants, whose aim is to contribute to the "realization of a sustainable symbiotic society", which can be achieved through our lateral collaboration and shared know-how.
*2020 host town advisers


Founder & CEO, Wakako Oshima

Creating sustainable businesses for our planet Earth 100 years from now.


Partner, Takeshi Kurata

Developing SDG personnel to handle the next generation of sustainable urban development

*Global Media Corporation

President, Masanori Tonegawa

Bringing sustainable futures from Japan to the world and from the world to Japan

*Institute for HyperNetwork Society

Board Chairperson, Norio Murakami

Contribution to progress the international community and people’s live, by activities for realization of Hyper Network Society

Circle Design Co., Ltd.

CEO, Kiyokazu Nasu

Supporting local authorities in transitioning to circular economies

*Pasona Group Inc.

HostTown PR Project, Hioki Norio

Enliven your town through the combination of SDGs, host town status, and local creativity


Executive Manager, Osamu Doshita


Kyushu Island Alliance of ICT

Managing Director, Junji Hirooka

Promoting a broad array of digitalization that transcends regional and organizational boundaries.

Tricolage, Inc.

CEO, Benjamin Wong
COO, Fumiko Yoshida

Create bespoke sustainable corporate event and travel solutions in Japan, working alongside our local partners.


IT Director, Naoki Matsuda


*Star Item

Representative, Tomohiro Fujii

Former local authority employee. In charge of the Host Town project until 2019

*Maco & Accompany Pte Ltd

Managing Director, Masako Minagawa

Expert on overseas educational travel. Why not start global SDGs education?

*Asian Education and Friendship Association

Managing Director, Akira Sagawa

Overseas school construction and international exchange projects

*TOKYO-T's Inc.
T's Restaurant

CEO & Owner, Masako Shimokawa
Director, Makiko Shimokawa

Supporting adaptation to veganism and other food diversity

Sekai Sales Consulting LLC

CEO, Keisuke Nakahashi

Supporting businesses, local authorities, and communities in all regions with sustainable progress and internationalization

Cabin Attendant Network Association

Exective Director, Eriko Hiratsuka
Exective Director, Yoko Sakakibara

Our professional associate team will be delighted to share the best way of Omotenashi/hospitality.


CSO, Yoshihiro Takeda