Building relationships (sister cities, etc.) with Host Town counterpart countries, with the full range of negotiations and communication

Planning exchange events with players and stakeholders

Preparing plans to expand inbound travel

Preparing plans to use local foods and goods

Planning next-generation regional exchange events (creating opportunities with diversity and a global viewpoint)

Promoting barrier-free development (preparing barrier-free maps, coordinating and negotiating with stakeholders in connection with infrastructure development, etc.)

Promoting exchanges, and planning and producing video as a communication tool (with multi-lingual support)

Planning to establish parasports in communities

Supporting cooperative organization building with other local authorities

Spreading information about the above (newspapers, other media, the Internet, etc.)

Creation, execution, and collaborative operation of the program for "Advancement of Sustainable Symbiotic Society", together with the above

Sustainable Japan Project members will also use their diverse and advanced specializations, and their wide-ranging networks of connections with government agencies, private groups, and other bodies in many countries, to support activities in the following areas:

Operational support and executive office agency (including interpreting, translation, and other linguistic services) associated with the planning and execution of webinars etc.

Implementation of various preliminary surveys and feasibility studies, based in all fields and themes, in any country or region

Creation, execution, and collaborative operation of the "Program to Build a Recycling Society", based on lateral liaison between government, industry, the private sector, and academia